Monday, March 9, 2009

womp womp

I feel totally overwhelmed thinking about all of the things I still need to do to this project before it's even close to being finished. It's starting to bum me out to the point where I haven't even felt like working on it at all. I know that doesn't even make sense. Sooo... I'm writing out a damn list of all the shit i need to do so I don't freak out...and so I can be reminded of how little motivation I have. Maybe it will help me on my days off. Meh.

-weld brace onto seat/rack area so my ass doesn't get dumped onto the tire
-weld tank mounts onto the crossbar
-strip paint off the tank
-rough up/prep the rims for the rattlecan session
-find an old leather jacket to cut/sew for my seat cover
-touch up the welds on the seat/rack
-powdercoat everything(another complete nightmare)
-some sort of taillight
-pedal crank & arms
-rear shocks
-fancy bmx pedals
-fancy cables & colored cable housing
-fancy bmx grips
-other fancy odds and ends for detailed sweetness

Ghost Rider Peter hooked me up with another general cap WITH A KEY. super stoked on that. And Bandit Maggie shot some pretty amazing photos of me and my maxi last week.

Spring is almost here. It's time to GET SHIT DONE!