Thursday, July 30, 2009

crunch time

so i got a lot done today on my bike. bondo, sanding, primer, (auto)paint, gloss. i'm truly lucky to have a friend with some pro-tools/setup to help me out with this. i paid him in short-stack Buds, a sixer of pbr, and my truly genuine comedy. tight!



cleaned up the headlight bucket

cleaned up the flywheel cover(i'm going to be painting the Puch symbol by hand)

primered frame

close up

primered headlight bucket and flywheel cover

primered tripletree plate, handlebar brackets, and swingarm thingy

primered forks

primered swingarm

final primer coat on frame

black + gloss stuff

black + gloss frame

everything is painted and glossed and ready to go. hopefully i can find time this week to get that e50 finished. i still need to find some red bmx pedals and get the graphics done on the tank. i think i might still need a stator. probably some other shit i'm forgetting too. i rode an old ass vintage beach cruiser with massive ape hangers to the store while the paint was drying tonight. it was pretty sick, to say the least.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

pump your brakes

painted some brake levers last night.
cut my bars down.
bondoed the frame.
cleaned the e50 cases.
crank is in the freezer chillin' out.
just ordered my intake from treats.
buying the rest of my bearings and pedals today.
primering the frame, forks, and swingarm in a few hours.
hopefully painting them too.
thanks terry dean for the grips.