Tuesday, September 29, 2009


so, after years of trying to move here and my plans blowing up in my face, I finally was presented with a rad job, rad roomates, and a really nice cheap apartment. close to everything.

Magnolia Photobooth is now up and running in and around Chicago. Already had two really successful events, and already have a bunch lined up for october. stoked. I also scored a part-time warehouse job at Threadless, picking/packing shirts, and as a t-shirt model through a friend. which is hilarious and a lot of fun.

My gila e50 is so close to being done. put together, cases sealed, just waiting to get circlips. and a carb. maybe narrow my bars. and to make the seat, which shouldn't be too hard. i'm crafty. My general tank came in the mail a few weeks ago. paint and decals done, thanks to jamie leslie and david brooks.

Dear Bandits and TBS, please don't be upset with me for missing our joint moped rally camping trip, but...I'm going to see Cro-Mags and Death Threat next month!! so excited!

I will be back to Louisville this weekend for two photobooth events, then back to Chicago. Come visit me!