Tuesday, June 17, 2008

timing is everything, i wont make the same mistakes...

life is hectic as fuck right now.
but i know things are going to look up soon.
tara and brian moved here from texas last week.
having my very best friend with me, is the best thing in the world.
we move into our new house on Tuesday.
its really fucking cute.
rattletooth is friday!
and eric is coming into town.
hopefully he brings ricky and sarah.
i have all weekend off.
i got a friday the 13th tattoo last friday.
its rad.
i want to go on a road trip soon.
soon and often.
i want to go swimming soon.
like next week...after my tattoo is healed.
i have a handful of really amazing friends right now.
even though i feel/act like everything kind of sucks ass right now...
it really doesnt thaaaat bad.
have i mentioned tara is here?!
wtf. so fucking weird and amazing.



Samuel said...

Dude! Where are you moving to? Still close, I hope! Get stoked!!!!

getstoked said...

kind of close. on the edge of smoketown and germantown. bike riding distance for sure!