Tuesday, February 10, 2009

spring is just around the corner..

wrapped the seat with the foam and duct tape...

another shot of the crossbar weld-cleanup.

close up of the reweld/cleanup job on the engine mount plate.

welded on a plate on the base of the back rack to screw the seat into.

cleaned up the most rusty shitty looking wheels with a wire wheel brush.

so far, so good...

whenever I get out of this rut and make some money I will buy everything else I need. Or continue to salvage everyone elses unwanted parts like I've been doing thus far.

(I'm so excited for the Latebirds rally!!!)


Anonymous said...

looks pretty fucking hott!
i'm excited for the latebird rally toooo yeah!

Jake said...

i need some help with my new project. come to cincinnati and bring that wire wheel brush. i need you to do a little paint removal.

sarasquid said...

Looking good! I have a free spirit/general combo myself.


I need to take new pictures because I just put a 21 oko on it, BIG upgrade from my little bing I had. I can't wait to see yours finished.

getstoked said...

thanks sara!!! i saw yours a while back. it looks sooo good! i love it. i cant wait til mine is done too!