Saturday, October 24, 2009


You should all check out Pat Perry's art. It's really something else. All hand drawn detailed epicness. He's my little buddy from the Grand Rapids, MI moped gang, The Ghost Riders. Super sweet kid. Full of talent. Now go lurk on him.
pat's flikr

In other news...

I got my shin tattooed(FUN!) a couple weeks ago by Scott Santee from Columbus, OH. Really rad guy. Super fast too. Oh, and jokes. Lots of jokes. (oh, and yes, that's Thyme around the hour glass.)

That Cromags/Merauder/Death Threat/The Killer/Left Hand Path show that I went to last week was righteous! Such a fun show.

photo cred: Chris Z

ps. I love Chicago.


Wadowski said...

oh man, I remember shows like that. You come home all sweaty; most of which isn't yours...those were the days.

Diana said...

looks awesome.